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(pde toolbox) help specifying c coefficient of specifyCoefficients as a function from a matrix

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I'm trying to solve the coefficient variable poisson equation in 2d rectangular domain with dirichlet boundary conditions. Everything works fine specifying c coefficient as a function handle, for instance:
At the end, I interpolate the solution on a grid mesh:
results = solvepde(model);
xq = linspace(a,b,Nx);
yq = linspace(c,d,Ny);
[X,Y] = meshgrid(xq,yq);
Z = interpolateSolution(results,X,Y);
Z = reshape(Z,size(X));
Now, I only have C values at the nodes of this grid mesh. Is there a way to put this matrix into a function to use as an input for specifyCoefficients?
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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar am 8 Apr. 2019
Not sure, what you are asking for. Are you looking to specify c-coefficient as a marix instead of function? Or you want the value of c-coefficient at the grid points you are interpolating?
kira am 8 Apr. 2019
sorry if it's not clear, I want the first. But I only have those coefficients in the grid.

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