Debugging CUDA MEX in VS2017 on Volta GPU

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I’m using Visual Studio 2017 Professional version 15.9.2, MATLAB R2018b, and I’m running a Titan V in TCC mode, driver version 411.70.
I’m attempting to debug a CUDA MEX function to solve a ‘CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS’ error I’m getting. My code compiles fine, and runs for a set number of repetitions, then produces this error.
Starting with this post as a reference
It seems some things have changed since this question was answered.
I can follow the procedure outlined by Joss up to step 12. ‘Transport’ appears to have been replaced by ‘Connection Type’, and ‘NSight GPU Debugger’ seems to be showing up as ‘NSight VSE Debugger(Legacy)’. However, at this point I’m unable to locate MATLAB in the Processes for CUDA type (nothing at all shows up, actually).
If I right click the .CU file in Visual Studio and choose ‘Debug and Launch Settings’ then I see that “Default” is selected.
In researching this on my own, it seems the “Legacy” debugger does not support my GPU.
and it seems that attachment to a process is not possible using the next gen debugger
Does this mean that im out of luck for debuggers in mexcuda until NSight Next Gen Debugger is updated? Is there an alternative process I should be following? Is there something I'm missing?
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Vyacheslav Samokhvalov
Vyacheslav Samokhvalov on 19 Mar 2021
Hi Aaron,
I'm in a similar situation but with a slightly different setup in hardware. Were you able to resolve your problem?

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