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Numerical value for sum of bessel functions

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Ole on 11 Mar 2019
Answered: Torsten on 11 Mar 2019
I would like to find as numerical value the sum of bessel functions A0 .
Is it possible to speed it ?
x= linspace(-2,2,100); [X,XX]=meshgrid(x,x)
% X matrix,
syms k
A0 = symsum(((-1)^k).*((X).^(2*k)).*besselj(2*k,X), k, 0, 10);

Accepted Answer

Torsten on 11 Mar 2019
k = 0:10;
x = 3;
A0 = sum((-1).^k.*x.^(2*k).*besselj(2*k,x))
If x is a vector, use
A0 = arrayfun(@(x)sum((-1).^k.*x.^(2*k).*besselj(2*k,x)),x)

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