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can't fill missings on table

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kira am 19 Feb. 2019
Kommentiert: kira am 20 Feb. 2019
when running
opts = detectImportOptions(filename);
T = readtable(filename,opts,'ReadVariableNames',true);
TimeStamp: 64x1 cell array of character vectors
RAW_AF7: 64x1 double
Min 4.0293
Median 602.99
Max 1650
RAW_AF8: 64x1 double
Min 0.80586
Median 405.75
Max 1650
NumMissing 2
RAW_TP9: 64x1 double
Min 7.2527
Median 879.6
Max 1650
NumMissing 3
RAW_TP10: 64x1 double
Min 24.982
Median 865.7
Max 1650
NumMissing 4
AUX_RIGHT: 64x1 double
Min 0
Median 825.6
Max 1650
NumMissing 3
t = fillmissing(T,'pchip');
I'm getting:
Error using fillmissing/checkArrayType (line 507)
Table contains variables of types for which the 'pchip'
fill method is not supported.
Error in fillmissing/fillTableVar (line 166)
[intConstVj,extMethodVj] =
Error in fillmissing/fillTable (line 144)
B.(vj) =
Error in fillmissing (line 127)
B =
what i'm doing wrong?
Here is an example file with 64 rows: csv file
I've tried converting the table to cell, and then every entry to numeric or string, and the back to table, but the error persist.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins am 20 Feb. 2019
Apparently at least one of the table variables that you are applying fillmissing to isn't numeric. You will have to figure out which one.
That link doesn't seem very helpful. You should not need to be converting things back and forth. Provide a short eaxmple file, and a short example of what readtable is giving you back.
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kira am 20 Feb. 2019
Bearbeitet: kira am 20 Feb. 2019
I will update the answer with new info. All rows with missing values are double. I found the problem, I had to remove the TimeStamp column. How do I put it back?
kira am 20 Feb. 2019
nevermind, i figure out! :)

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