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Simulink message "Attempt to use invalid data type id 17"

Asked by Torsten Knodt on 26 Jul 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Shawn Bonneau on 18 Jun 2019
Hello, how can I find out which data type corresponds to a specific id when getting the message "Attempt to use invalid data type id 17" from simulink? This sporadically occurs when executing my model init function.
Thanks in Advance Torsten Knodt


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1 Answer

Answer by Engenuity on 1 Nov 2017

I am getting invalid data type ID -10


I am getting this error when I attempt the model build. However, the same model simulates correctly. R2013a x64.
For the "invalid data type ID -10" error, I ran into this one while incorrectly indexing into a Simulink.Parameter object. There was an extra ".Value" in the Simulink dialog where it was used (similar to the way you would access that value from the MATLAB command window). Indexing to the parameter value without the ".Value" portion resolved the invalid data type error.

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