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Why is "Vehicle Network Toolbox Support Package for Kvaser CAN Devices" failing to install?

I am trying to install "Vehicle Network Toolbox Support Package for Kvaser CAN Devices", but the installation fails with a "Failed to download the third-party software" error.
Is there a workaround for installing the Kvaser drivers?


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 14 Feb 2019
 Accepted Answer

The "Vehicle Network Toolbox Support Package for Kvaser CAN Devices" support package downloads and installs the third-party Kvaser drivers and SDK.
In case the support package installation fails for any reason, you can install the third-party drivers separately from MATLAB and Vehicle Network Toolbox. Follow these instructions:
1. Unplug your Kvaser device and close MATLAB
2. Uninstall any existing Kvaser CAN Drivers and Kvaser CANLIB SDK from Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features
3. Open a web browser and go to and download the following two files
  • Kvaser Drivers for Windows (kvaser_drivers_setup.exe)
  • Kvaser CANlib SDK (canlib.exe)
4. Install the Kvaser drivers and Kvaser CANlib SDK by executing kvaser_drivers_setup.exe and canlib.exe
5. Reboot your computer
6. Plug in your Kvaser device
7. Start MATLAB and execute canChannelList to detect your device.


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