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how to reconstruct image that has been clustered to its original image ?

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Ade Aulya
Ade Aulya am 11 Feb. 2019
Kommentiert: Adam am 11 Feb. 2019
hi, I have an image and already devided it into 100x100 size block. after obtaining cluster for each block I want to return the blocks of the image to its original image. do you guys could help me with matlab code, please?
i've attached the image fyi.
thank you so much.
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Ade Aulya
Ade Aulya am 11 Feb. 2019
hi, thanks for your respond.
i've attached the image example, its original image and image after i devided into 100x100pz. those blocks i used as an input for k-means to get the cluster value. i already get the it after obtaining with k-means. and i need to reconstruct those blocks again to the original image.
do you have any idea for this ? or do you have any code example for that concatenation block into relevant dimensions, please ?
thank you so much.
Adam am 11 Feb. 2019
Again, it depends entirely what format youtr blocks are in, but, for example
img = [block1 block2; block3 block4];
would recompose an image from 4 blocks, provided they are the same size (or compatible sizes at least).

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