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how to use matlab to select processor for the implementation (in hardware) of a script

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I have a script that I will eventually insert inside a microcontroller and I would like to know if there is anything I can do in Matlab in order to get info to choose an adecuate microcontroller (clock speed or MIPS, SRAM, etc).
I did the following in order to get an estimation of running time in a target microcontroller at 40 MIPS:
t=10;%running time of my script in one thread using: LASTN = maxNumCompThreads(1);
cs=3500;%MHz. clock speed or frequency at which the script run
mips=cs*1e6;%estimation of my cpu MIPS
flops=t*mips;%estimation of how many operation where done in those 10s
target_p=40*1e6;%target MIPS
So, if this calculation is correct, my 10s script will take 14min to run in a microcontroller at 40 MIPS...
Is this correct? If not, what can I do?

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