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Live script publishing - hide code

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Simon Parten
Simon Parten am 10 Jan. 2019
Geschlossen: Simon Parten am 10 Jan. 2019
I've sucessfully exported a live script;
but it appears always with the code, and results 'underneath' the code.
In 2019a, there is the potential to hide the code and display only the results. I'd be looking for something along the lines of
matlab.internal.liveeditor.openAndConvert('script.mlx', 'out.pdf', 'RunMode', 'Hide Code');
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Stephan am 10 Jan. 2019
Bearbeitet: Stephan am 10 Jan. 2019
I dont think that you will get an answer to this question, since R2019a is not published yet. The details of the pre-release are subject to confidentiality. It might be better to close this question.
Simon Parten
Simon Parten am 10 Jan. 2019
Er ... oops... good point, well made.

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