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Problems when opening Simulink

Asked by Maja Persson on 20 Dec 2018
I recently had to re-install Matlab after a computer rebuild and I've come across an issue I didn't have before. When I try to open Simulink through Matlab, I get the following error message:
Warning: Could not open file C:\Users\s1033273\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB\R2018b\thisMatlab.pem. No such file or
> In sltemplate.ui.StartPage/showWithFallback
The Simulink Library Browser then appears , but not the Simulink starter window (to choose new project of existing project etc..). I can force actual Simulink to open, not just the library browser, by selecting one of my already created simulink models, but I'd still like to tackle this issue.


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