Variable to track parfor loop progress

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Andreu Angles Castillo
Andreu Angles Castillo on 18 Dec 2018
Answered: Edric Ellis on 19 Dec 2018
I am using a paralled program and i would like to keep track of the progress of the loop, each iteration takes more or less the same time to execute. I came up with the following solution.
parfor j=0:max
I know I cannot use a variable in this way, but I believe the variable "i" could be used without any trouble in this way. Any work around?
Thanks, Andreu

Answers (2)

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 19 Dec 2018
@Matt J posted the simplest option which is to have the parfor loop display data. If you need more sophistication, you can use DataQueue to perform arbitrary computations at the client as the loop progresses, such as displaying a waitbar.

Matt J
Matt J on 18 Dec 2018
What I do is display the loop counter, like in the following
parfor j=0:Jmax


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