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Chris on 8 Dec 2018
If I have data such as
Date Price Quantity
12/8/2018 9 3
12/7/2018 7 2
12/6/2018 3 10
and so on
x axis would be date, y axis would be price, and z axis would be quantity
I want to plot lines in 3d so basically line 1 for 12/8 would draw a line from (x,y,z) (12-8-2018,9,0) extending that line to to (12-8-2018,9,3)
Then line 2 would be (12-7-2018,7,0) to (12-7-2018,2)
Line 3 (12-6-2018,3,0) to (12-6-2018,3,10)
and so on. I have 100's of records that I want to draw the repsective lines then be able to rotate the model
What's the best way to do this?
I am not sure what kind of 3d line chart this is?
Can my data be setup as a time series?

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