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How to configure Up Key "Previous History Command" search behavior?

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I have two PC's with Matlab 2017a on them. On one of them, when I type text into the command window and push up, it searches the previous history with a " myText* " search, i.e. the only wildcard in the search is at the end of the entered text.
On the other PC, the "previous history command" search instead executes a " *myText* " search, with wildcards at both the beginning and the end of entered text. I have no idea how I enabled this, but I would like to disable it.
Does anyone know how to configure what kind of search the "Previous History Command" performs?

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Matthew am 5 Dez. 2018
I actually found the answer shortly after asking:
The linked stack overflow answer states:
First, make sure that the command history window is docked (If you have a floating window every time you press up then it is not docked. There is a drop-down menu - little circle with a triangle inside. Open the menu and select "Dock").
Once\if the window is docked, open the menu again and make sure that "Match Beginning" is selected and not "Match Anywhere".
I should have googled "Previous History Command" prior to asking this question

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