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train neural network with useParallel=no doesn't work

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kira am 4 Okt. 2018
Bearbeitet: kira am 5 Okt. 2018
Hello, I want to train several neural networks within a parfor loop. I tried with 'useParallel'='yes', but I get this warning:
Cannot perform computations on a parallel pool.
There is not an open parallel pool.
So I executed train command with 'useParallel'='no', option, but I still get the warning.
Why I'm getting this warning and how to avoid it?

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KSSV am 5 Okt. 2018
set _usePArallel' to 'yes'.
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kira am 5 Okt. 2018
we can't use Parallel inside a parfor loop. If fact, i received the warning when I tried, so I change to useParallel=no, but I still get the same warning, and that's why I'm asking. (I will add this to the question)

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