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How to read .ecg file ?

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Sarah A
Sarah A on 6 Sep 2018
Commented: KSSV on 6 Sep 2018
I need to use a database from this website:
in Matlab, they put the code and an example to test and I wrote these lines to call the function read_ishne put this error occur:
Error in read_ishne (line 11)
Output argument "ishneHeader" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "read_ishne".
Error in read (line 5)
[ishneHeader, ecgSig] = read_ishne(fileName, startOffset, length);
And this is my code to call the function:
pd = pwd;
fileName = [pd '1-300m.ecg\'];
startOffset =1;
length= 5;
[ishneHeader, ecgSig] = read_ishne(fileName, startOffset, length);
So please can anybody help me to read that file, regards.
KSSV on 6 Sep 2018
Attach one .ecg file with which you tried the code. You can go for a debug option and try to sort out the problem.

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