Training a multi-layer neural network for (tabular) BigData

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Ramakrishnan Raman
Ramakrishnan Raman on 3 Sep 2018
Commented: Giorgio De Nunzio on 25 Apr 2020
How to train a multi-layer neural network (for instance, using feedforwardnet) using BigData (for instance, using TallArrays). Shouldn't it be supported to pass the tall array object containing features/target to the training function and have the training happen? The data input format is a simple tabular(matrix data) - i.e. not image or sequence or time series data
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Giorgio De Nunzio
Giorgio De Nunzio on 25 Apr 2020
Hi, did you find how to work with neural networks and tall arrays? I am tryng now. Moreover, patternnet train wants features on the rows, not samples, and it is not possible to transpose tall arrays (mine are classical one-line-per-sample tables with each column giving a feature: I can transpose normal matrices, but not tall arrays). Thanks. Giorgio

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