Converting Python to MATLAB Problems.

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octopus_love on 31 Jul 2018
Hello, I have a problem with converting python script to MATLAB.
I used Python and python-pptx which helps to modify the powerpoint contents.
My purpose is to change the table setting in page6.
Here is my code in Python.
prs = py.pptx.Presentation(fileName);
slide = prs.slides[5]; % page6 -> index '5'
table = slide.shapes[4].table; % slide.shapes[4] will be modified. This is a table.
for i in range(4): % That table has 4 rows, and 17 columns.
for j in range(17):
table.cell(i, j).margin_left = 0
table.cell(i, j).margin_right = 0
table.cell(i, j).margin_top = 0
table.cell(i, j).margin_bottom = 0'test.pptx')
I know that MATLAB not accept the '[]'(square bracket). So, I tried
instead of this line.
slide = prs.slides[5];
But, It doesn't work.
This code well works on Python.
How can I do? Please help.
Thanks in advance. please T_T

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