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i am getting data from a sensor in serial communication, How to delete the first string i get from it

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after connection i want to print just acc , gyro and mag values. I get 'initializationsuccessful' as my first data set . I dont want that to be there. Help me out
for i= 1:50
data =fscanf(s,'%s');
if data(i)== 'initializationsuccesful!'
Acc_Val = data(:,1:21)
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arvind ramasamy
arvind ramasamy am 11 Jul. 2018
I make a serial communication with an arduino and get the data of accelerometer mag and gyro values my data comes in as a string. 's' is the object i created for serial communication
data =fscanf(s,%s) % gives me the data from the arduino
i want my vector size to be 500. so when I run it in for loop
for i= 1:50
data =fscanf(s,'%s');
my output is: data = initializationsuccesful!
data = ax:123ay:23az:1234gx:23gy:50gz:43mx:23my:123mz:234
and goes on.
I use,
A_x(:,i) = str2num(data(:,4:8))
to get my vector. but since 'initializationsuccessful!' is not a number i am unable to form my vector. so how can I do it ???? this is my question
jonas am 11 Jul. 2018
Bearbeitet: jonas am 11 Jul. 2018
Ok! Could you upload the txt file or a small part of the text file (that still gives you the error),so we have something to work with?

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