Get data from appdesigner GUI application in another class

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Alexander Cochran
Alexander Cochran am 14 Jun. 2018
I have a series of classes I'm building to maintain a data hierarchy. I want to be able to use a collection of GUIs in order to collect user input and allow the user to execute certain member functions of the classes.
The particular issue I am having is that I, upon hitting a "confirm" button on a GUI, want to have some of the data from that GUI available in the class that I am calling it from, while also closing the window.
An example of my current code is below. This will appear in the constructor of the top-level class, as the GUI is used to collect data that is needed to create a new top-level object.
% Instantiate GUI
hGUI = MyGUIClass; % Stays open until user hits "confirm" button; want to get data from the GUI in THIS class upon confirm
How can I go about getting data out of my GUI in a separate class while also holding execution until the window is closed?

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