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Why can't convert Matlab code to C++ with Coder to ARM Cortex-A?

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Olga Liberman
Olga Liberman am 5 Jun. 2018
I'm trying to convert a Matlab code with the Coder (Matlab 2017b), to run on ARM Cortex-A57. The language I want to get is C++.
The settings in Coder window "Generate Code": Source code C++, Hardware Board ARM Cortex-A9 (QEMU), Toolchain Mentor Graphics (64-bit Linux).
The error I get: The 'Language' parameter is set to 'C++', which is not supported for the selected hardware board. To avoid this error, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters > Code Generation and set 'Language' to 'C'.
When choosing language to be C - everything works fine.

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Raghu Boggavarapu
Raghu Boggavarapu am 26 Nov. 2021
C++ code generation for Cortex-A targets is not supported at this point in time.


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