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I read 3D volume whose size 240x240x155 and I want to read slice by slice and wants to apply feature extraction techniques on them How I can read one slice than other?

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Hello Please, may you help me to read the 3D volume in MATLAB?
figure, imshow(v(:,:,85),[]);
%how to read slice#1 than slice#2 and so on

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jun 2018
for slicenumber = 1 : size(v,3)
this_slice = v(:,:,slicenumber);
this_result = YourFeatureExtractionCallGoesHere(this_slice);
all_results{slicenumber} = this_result;
Sometimes other data structures would be more appropriate than a cell array: it depends on what data type is returned by YourFeatureExtractionCallGoesHere

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