How can my code know if it iss called from the base or from some other function?

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I want my "figure formatting function" to copy the current figure if it is called from "base"-workspace but not if it is called from another function or script. How can I add this functionally to my "figure formatting function"?

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Rik am 31 Mai 2018
With the dbstack function you can get the calling functions. Be aware that some releases have a function that is called to run a section, while older releases just return an empty struct.
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Micke Malmström
Micke Malmström am 31 Mai 2018
ST = dbstack;
if length(ST)==1 % then it is in base otherwise the stack is "longer"
print(h,'-dmeta') % this puts a copy of the figure in the clipboard
disp(['Figure copied']);

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