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How can I change a tunable parameter with a Matlab function when using Simulink Coder?

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Nico Spo
Nico Spo on 21 May 2018
We have a Simulink model that is compiled and run on a dSPACE box. We need to be able to
  1. change the value of a parameter with dSPACE ControlDesk and
  2. change the value of a parameter with a Matlab function inside the model
1. is possible with a Constant block, just by entering a number. You can change the value of the Constant block in dSPACE. It is also possible to enter a variable name like FOO in the Constant block and change that value FOO as a tunable parameter. 2. has not been possible so far. Things like 'set_param' do not seem to work, because everything is compiled with Simulink Coder.

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