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Error when using isonormals on meshgrid after applying pol2cart

Asked by Michael Haas on 26 Apr 2018
Latest activity Edited by Michael Haas on 26 Apr 2018
Using the attached data and the following code:
[TH_45, R_45, Z_45] = meshgrid(theta_45,r_45, z_45);
[X_45,Y_45] = pol2cart(TH_45, R_45);
h = axes;
p1 = patch(isosurface(X_45, Y_45, Z_45,data,500));isonormals(X_45, Y_45, Z_45,data,p1)
p1.FaceColor = 'blue';
p1.EdgeColor = 'none';
axis tight
lighting gouraud
I get the following error meassage:
Error using interp3 (line 149) Input grid is not a valid MESHGRID.
Error in isonormals (line 75) n(:,1)=interp3(x, y, z, nx, verts(:,1), verts(:,2), verts(:,3));
I can't find the solution to that issue.


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