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Export geometry out of model container

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MarionJ am 19 Apr. 2018
Kommentiert: MarionJ am 20 Apr. 2018


I want to export the 3D-geometry out of my model container.

I have imported a 3D-geometry from a stl-file. Now I am interested in the coordinates of the vertices. But the gd only tells me the number of cells, faces, edges and vertices. Matlab clearly has the information. There must be a possibility to extract them.

In 2D gd is a matrix not a struct and the matrix has the x-y-coordinates.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar am 19 Apr. 2018

You can get this information easily in the latest version of MATLAB, which is R2018a. The function you need to use is findNodes.

Here is a simple example with block as geometry:

model = createpde;
gm = importGeometry(model,'Block.stl')
msh  = generateMesh(model);
vertexNodes = findNodes(msh,'region','Vertex',1:gm.NumVertices);
vertexCoordinates = msh.Nodes(:,vertexNodes)

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss am 19 Apr. 2018

Your PDEModel object has a Mesh property that is a FEMesh object. In that object you can see the mesh nodes (what you call the vertices).

Alan Weiss

MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

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MarionJ am 19 Apr. 2018
I know, but I do not want the mesh nodes, only the Corners of my geometry. For example if I have two cuboids, one on top of the other, I wish to have the coordinates of the eight Corners/vertices of this geometry. In 2D the Information is in the gd Matrix. The gd Matrix has no mesh Information in it.

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