How to copy an object that is not a graphic one?

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JFz am 13 Apr. 2018
Beantwortet: Steven Lord am 13 Apr. 2018
I have an object of a class which I defined. I would like to make a copy of that object. But copy or copyobj do not seem to work. What should I do?
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JFz am 13 Apr. 2018
BTW, the object is derived from handle.

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Matt J
Matt J am 13 Apr. 2018
Bearbeitet: Matt J am 13 Apr. 2018
In general, you would have to write a copy() method specific to the needs of your class. The copy() method would have to call the class constructor with suitable arguments to generate a copy.
If your class is sufficiently simple that a copy can be made just by dot-indexing all of the non-Dependent, public property values and writing them to a second object,
objcopy.prop1 = obj.prop1;
objcopy.prop2 = obj.prop2;
then you can just use my attached copyprops() utility, which automates this.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 13 Apr. 2018
Consider having your class subclass the matlab.mixin.Copyable class. It provides a copy method and a copyElement method that you can use to customize the copy behavior. For more information see the topic "Implement Copy for Handle Classes" in the documentation.


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