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How can I plot ROC and identify AUC value from SVM classification output ?

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Hi everyone
I try to classify binary classification problem from input data name "pred" and target data are "resp". These two files that attach below.In raw data, pred contain 96 features of 199 instances to be input data. Moreover, resp contain binary class (0 and 1) represent normal and abnormal power usage, respectively. The aim of this program are show ROC and calculate AUC of classification model by using SVM. I use some code like this
mdlSVM = fitcsvm(pred,resp,'Standardize',true);
mdlSVM = fitPosterior(mdlSVM);
[~,score_svm] = resubPredict(mdlSVM);
[Xsvm,Ysvm,Tsvm,AUCsvm] = perfcurve(resp,score_svm(:,mdlSVM.ClassNames),1);
However, The matlab software show this error "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.". How can I fix it out to show ROC and AUC of this problem.
Thanks in advance

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Md Habib Ullah
Md Habib Ullah am 19 Aug. 2018
Make sure you "resp" is logical '1' or '0'.


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