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How we can read specific image from all directories in MATLAB?

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Javaid Iqbal
Javaid Iqbal on 7 Apr 2018
Answered: KSSV on 7 Apr 2018
images_path = ['J:\Education\MSCS\4th_Semester\Thesis\Implementation\source_code\MRI_Brain_Dataset'];
%images_path = '';
fnames = dir([images_path]); %folder names e.g. here is 5 folders for sequences
numfids = length(fnames);
vals = cell(1,numfids);
for K = 1:numfids
fnames2 = dir([images_path '\' fnames(K).name]);
numfids2 = length(fnames2);
for L = 1:numfids2
im = imread([images_path '\' fnames(K).name '\' fnames2(K).name '\Slice#89.jpg']);
figure, imshow(im);
% extract features of image
close all
close all
%%this code work for only on the current folder but I required to retrieve images from more directories mean in this current location have 84 more folders and each folder have 5 folders. and I want to read images from these 5 folders last location.

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