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What is the algorithm used by tfridge?

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Michael Judge
Michael Judge on 6 Apr 2018
Commented: MJ on 11 Sep 2018
Hello Community,
I would like to use tfridge to do some ridge tracing in my data. It seems to work reasonably well, but I cannot find any information on what the underlying algorithm is. Does anyone have any ideas? It's difficult to optimize and describe in a methods section otherwise.
Cheers, Michael


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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 9 Apr 2018
It seems that MathWorks has restricted the implementation details of tfridge function mainly because it is proprietary information.
However, you can see the implementation for many functions just by using
edit <functionName>.m


Michael Judge
Michael Judge on 9 Apr 2018
Wilson, you are right and I have done this. Unfortunately, the dependency chain bottoms out pretty quickly at signalwavelet.extractRidges. I guess it's really extractRidges() that I need some information on!
Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 10 Apr 2018
You can see the code for extractRidges by typing the following command:
>> edit signalwavelet.extractRidges
You can also arrive at the same place by stepping into the extractRidges function using the MATLAB Debugger.
I hope the above helps
MJ on 11 Sep 2018
I had the same question. From the answers above I have tried but it seems impossible to find more details once reach "edit signalwavelet.extractcurve". I get it, it is due to proprietary information. But just wonder if there is any update for reference paper (or patent info) related to the algorithm used for this function, just for citation purpose. Thank you.

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