How to concatenate the cell array that contain these table ?

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If I have 3 cell arrays, each cell contain 3 table such as Cell_1={X1,X2,X3}. Cell_2={Y1,Y2,Y3} and Cell_3={Z1,Z2,Z3}.
Moreover, the first column of table X1,Y1,Z1 are the same index.
In the same way, the first column of X2,Y2,Z2 are same index, the first column of X3,Y3,Z3 are same index.
I try to group data with same index into same cell. How to re-structure these table to get the outputs cell like this
cell_N1={vertcat(X1,Y1,Z1)}, cell_N2={vertcat(X2,Y2,Z2)} and cell_N3={vertcat(X3,Y3,Z3)}

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KSSV am 2 Apr. 2018
load X1.mat ;load X2.mat ;load X3.mat ;
load Y1.mat ;load Y2.mat ;load Y3.mat ;
load Z1.mat ;load Z2.mat ;load Z3.mat ;
cell_N1 = [X1 ; Y1 ; Z1] ;
cell_N2 = [X2 ; Y2 ; Z2] ;
cell_N3 = [X3 ; Y3 ; Z3] ;
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Pradya Panyainkaew
Pradya Panyainkaew am 2 Apr. 2018
thank you for your answer KSSV,
May be it is my fault to reach an unclear sample to show you.
These tables are only groups of examples data.
Actually, I have around 3,000 tables in each cell array
such as cell_1= {X1,X2,...,X3000}, cell_2={Y1,Y2,...,Y3000} and cell_3={Z1,Z2,..,Z3000} .
I think your way is difficult to handle this problem. Do you have other ways to solve it ?.

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