Scheduling a Matlab Script

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Brian on 23 May 2012
I am attempting to schedule a Matlab job each day using the windows scheduler. I am having trouble getting it to run my m file. I am using the code below in the Windows 7 professional task scheduler.
This is my action - matlab -r cd('\\lbprds0262\invest\Factset\AssetAllocation\PeerGroups\'),'\\lbprds0262\invest\Factset\AssetAllocation\PeerGroups\PeerGroupMedians_Weekly_FSPull_Auto.m',exit
It launches Matlab just fine but it just sits there and nothing runs.
Thanks! Brian

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 23 May 2012
You need to enclose the entire command in quotes. You do not need the path on the function/script you want to run and do not want to put it in quotes. This should work
matlab -r "cd('\\lbprds0262\invest\Factset\AssetAllocation\PeerGroups\'); PeerGroupMedians_Weekly_FSPull_Auto.m; exit"
but I would consider this
cd \\lbprds0262\invest\Factset\AssetAllocation\PeerGroups\
matlab -r "PeerGroupMedians_Weekly_FSPull_Auto.m; exit"
where you change to the desired directory before launching MATLAB.
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Brian on 23 May 2012
Thanks a bunch - Works perfectly.

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