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Matlab cannot read video frames from .avi video file

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Yunhui Zhou
Yunhui Zhou on 30 Jan 2018
Commented: Lien Swatzer on 4 Jul 2018
Our lab have a eye-tracking glasses which can record environment that the subjects are facing, and generates .avi video file. The file can be played by VLC player directly. However, when I try to read the video file into Matlab R2017a for further analysis, it seems that I can't get video frames out of the file.
First I create a VideoReader object by:
vidReader = VideoReader('EyeTrackerVideo.avi');
And the "vidReader" correctly reports my video duration, framerate, height and width. However, when I type
It returns "0", which prevents me from reading frames in my video file, according to matlab documentation.
What is the cause of this problem? Is there any other way I can read frames out of my video file?
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Lien Swatzer
Lien Swatzer on 4 Jul 2018
Hello, I try to use VideoReader to read .avi file and face the same problem. Have you solved it?

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