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Problem with print function

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JFz am 26 Jan. 2018
Kommentiert: JFz am 26 Jan. 2018
Hi, I use print('-f1', filename, '-djpeg') to save a figure into a remote drive and it worked as a charm yesterday.
But for some strange reason, it stoped working and keep giving me this error: Error in print (line 85) pj = name( pj );
I checked and can manually save the figure into that drive with a different file name. I also checked that there is not conflict file name on that drive. But it just keeps issuing this error. Why all the sudden it is not working? I have full access to that remote drive; and the file name is new; and I can save it manually and I can save the figure to my local drive.
Thanks for any help!
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JFz am 26 Jan. 2018
I just found the error here. The filename is concatenated and one part (which indicates date) is wrong. I think that is the reason.
JFz am 26 Jan. 2018
Thanks Steven

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