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GPU: Error using nnGPU.netHints - Unsupported processing function

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Álvaro Romero Calvo
Álvaro Romero Calvo on 24 Jan 2018
Hi guys!
I'm starting with Neural Networks in Matlab and I found a problem that I cannot solve when trying to use my GPU. I followed this post to prepare a test code that worked well with the cancer database and my GPU quadro M2200:
inputs = cancerInputs;
targets = cancerTargets;
% Transfer to GPu
inputs_g = nndata2gpu(inputs);
targets_g = nndata2gpu(targets);
% code
net1 = feedforwardnet(100);
net2 = configure(net1,inputs,targets); % Configure with MATLAB arrays
% Avoid exponential sigmoid
for i=1:net2.numLayers
if strcmp(net2.layers{i}.transferFcn,'tansig')
net2.layers{i}.transferFcn = 'elliotsig';
% Configure and train
net2 = train(net2,inputs_g,targets_g); % Execute on GPU with NNET formatted gpuArrays
outputs_g = net2(inputs_g); % Execute on GPU
outputs = gpu2nndata(outputs_g); % Transfer array to local workspace
% Results
errors = gsubtract(targets,outputs);
performance = perform(net,targets,outputs)
% View the Network
% Plots
% Uncomment these lines to enable various plots.
% figure, plotperform(tr)
% figure, plottrainstate(tr)
% figure, plotconfusion(targets,outputs)
% figure, ploterrhist(errors)
Now I want to train my own data, but I always get the following error:
Error using nnGPU.netHints (line 72)
Unsupported processing function.
Error in nncalc.preCalcData>iPreCalcDataForNNDATA2GPU (line 42)
hints = mode.netHints(net,mode.hints);
Error in nncalc.preCalcData (line 7)
data = iPreCalcDataForNNDATA2GPU(net,data,doPc);
Error in nncalc.setup1>setupImpl (line 176)
calcData = nncalc.preCalcData(matlabMode,matlabHints,net,data,doPc,doPd,calcHints.doFlattenTime);
Error in nncalc.setup1 (line 16)
[calcMode,calcNet,calcData,calcHints,net,resourceText] = setupImpl(calcMode,net,data);
Error in nncalc.setup (line 7)
[calcMode,calcNet,calcData,calcHints,net,resourceText] = nncalc.setup1(calcMode,net,data);
Error in network/train (line 357)
[calcLib,calcNet,net,resourceText] = nncalc.setup(calcMode,net,data);
Error in test (line 38)
net2 = train(net2,inputs_g,targets_g); % Execute on GPU with NNET formatted gpuArrays
My input data is a 3240x10850 single matrix of 1s and 0s and my target matrix is a 1254x10850 single matrix of 1s and 0s (following the usual format). Do someone have an idea of what is happening?
Thanks in advance!

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