Can other computers that install my compiled appdesigner app make use of its parfor statements?

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I am having a very hard time finding the answer to this question because there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. Here are the facts:
  1. I have MATLAB Compiler and the Parallel Computing Toolbox on my computer
  2. I have coded an app using appdesigner. One of the buttons on the UI enacts a certain algorithm that makes use of parfor statements.
  3. I compiled the app and sent the installer to someone who does not have matlab or the parallel computing toolbox on their computer.
  4. Although the app works, the parfor statements behave like regular for statements.
Is it possible to compile an app for use by a different user that has working parfor statements?
  • Certain answers have said no. To this, I wonder, will matlab ever add this feature or is it not a feature on purpose?
  • Other answers have said yes and detail that you need to send the user an exported local cluster file and add a setmcruserdata('ParallelProfile', 'profile') command before the parfor statements. This didn't work. To this, I wonder, am I doing something wrong?
Long story short, does a user have to MATLAB and a Parallel Computing Toolbox license in order to properly run an app that I have created that uses parfor statements, even though I own the matlab compiler which is supposed to make standalone apps that users can use without having a MATLAB license?
This implies you can. However, this implies you cannot. Which one is true? Am I missing something?
Rik on 10 Mar 2020
Comment posted as answer by Akanksha Mishra:
@Tahoe Schrader
Hi ,
i am facing the same issue with my GUI build executable file.
Did you find a solution for your problem then ?
Please care to share.

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