I want to read the images from multiple sub-folders, kindly help

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saeeda saher
saeeda saher on 16 Jan 2018
Edited: saeeda saher on 17 Jan 2018
Here is the code which reads images from one folder. but I want to read images from multiple sub-folders. I am new to MATLAB, kindly help me by editing my code
myDir = 'Training\0\';
dd = dir([myDir '*.jpg']);
%%Initilizing the variable for fast loading
trainSet = uint8(zeros(48*48,length(dd)));
for i=1:length(dd)
%%reading the images
img = imread([myDir dd(1).name]);
%%now storing it into one variable
trainSet(:,i) = img(:);
saeeda saher
saeeda saher on 17 Jan 2018
I am getting this error
Conversion to uint8 from cell is not possible.
Error in programm (line 47)
trainSet(:,i) = img(:);

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Answers (1)

Rik on 16 Jan 2018
Image analyst has written a function that can do this, see this answer and its attachment.
Rik on 16 Jan 2018
These are really minimal edits. You really should be able to do this yourself, especially with code that has this many comment explaining what it is doing.
% Define a starting folder.
start_path = 'Training\';
% Ask user to confirm or change.
topLevelFolder = start_path;
if topLevelFolder == 0
% Get list of all subfolders.
allSubFolders = genpath(topLevelFolder);
% Parse into a cell array.
remain = allSubFolders;
listOfFolderNames = {};
while true
[singleSubFolder, remain] = strtok(remain, ';');%#ok (suppres m-lint warning)
if isempty(singleSubFolder)
listOfFolderNames = [listOfFolderNames singleSubFolder];%#ok (suppres m-lint warning)
numberOfFolders = length(listOfFolderNames);
totalFileList={};%this will contain all file names of jpg files
% Process all image files in those folders.
for k = 1 : numberOfFolders
% Get this folder and print it out.
thisFolder = listOfFolderNames{k};
%fprintf('Processing folder %s\n', thisFolder);
% Get JPG files.
filePattern = sprintf('%s/*.jpg', thisFolder);
baseFileNames = dir(filePattern);
numberOfImageFiles = length(baseFileNames);
% Now we have a list of all files in this folder.
if numberOfImageFiles >= 1
% Go through all those image files.
for f = 1 : numberOfImageFiles
fullFileName = fullfile(thisFolder, baseFileNames(f).name);
totalFileList{end+1}=fullFileName;%#ok (suppres m-lint warning)
%fprintf(' Processing image file %s\n', fullFileName);
%fprintf(' Folder %s has no image files in it.\n', thisFolder);

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