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Robert am 12 Jan. 2018
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 19 Jul. 2019
I want to generate an analysis using .csv files. How could I make a search to load only files that have specifics sections in the file name? Like this example, assuming folder AA has files:
But just read files with the section 'CAN' and the condition that the last 3 numbers on file name (sample number) have to be between 0 and 10 (or 000 and 010), so I can only download the files:
For a few files this is not a problem, but for thousands of files (as I have) it gets complicated.
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Robert am 12 Jan. 2018
Sorry, I forgot to add that I also would like to make copies of those files and save them to a folder named BB.

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Kris Fedorenko
Kris Fedorenko am 12 Jan. 2018
Function dir with a wildcard (*) might be somewhat helpful. For example
fstruct = dir('*_CAN_*.csv')
would return a structure of all files with a .CSV extension containing "_CAN_" as part of their names.
For only getting the numbers between 001 and 010 you would need to do something more involved. You might consider an if-statement to filter the results of the "dir" command while looping over them. Or maybe you can take a look at Regular Expressions.
Note that
fstruct = dir('*_CAN_00*.csv')
would already return all files containing "_CAN_00" in their name, so one possible ad-hoc workaround would be to do that to get files with _CAN_001, _CAN_002, ..., _CAN_009, and run a separate query for _CAN_010 file
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Coco am 19 Jul. 2019
Hi Kris,
I have the save question. After i get the struct which have all files, whats the code of next step if i want to save those files into a new folder? I am a nebby of Matlab. Thank you.

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