Get more antenna property calculations in one frequency sweep

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I am running a Frequency Sweep to get a spiral antenna axialRatio. Can you get other antenna results, say current, pattern, impedance, return loss, s-parameter..., in one frequency sweep?

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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
Yes you can get impedance, returnLoss, sparameters, vswr; surface analyses include current and charge; and field analyses include pattern, EHfields, axialRatio and beamwidth.
Refer to the following documentation for more info on how to make use of parallel computing toolbox to accomplish the frequency sweeps:
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Sreekar Sai Ranganathan
Sreekar Sai Ranganathan on 20 May 2020
This link does not exist anymore. Please help with alternative resources for using the parallel computing toolbox for frequency sweeps in the antenna toolbox. There appears to be no information upon searching.

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