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Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch when using coeffs command

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dear all
i have code like below:
clear all
syms q(i) teta(i) eb(i)
tetad = sym('tetad', [1 2], 'real');
ebd = sym('ebd', [1 2], 'real');
qd = sym('qd', [1 2], 'real');
for i=1:size(wl,1)
at end i get error Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
and answer should be like this :
[ cos(q(2))*sin(teta(2)), -sin(q(2)), -cos(q(2))*cos(teta(2))*sin(teta(2))] [ebd ]
[ sin(q(2))*sin(teta(2)), cos(q(2)), -cos(teta(2))*sin(q(2))*sin(teta(2))]*[tetad]
[cos(teta(2)) , 0, sin(teta(2))^2] [qd ]
i understand why i get this error and that is because of Ecollected(3) that have 2 value [cos(teta(2) sin(teta(2))^2] and it cant fit in 3 column and it should be like [cos(teta(2) 0 sin(teta(2))^2] and 2 other Ecollected(2) ,Ecollected(1) works fine
i really appreciated if someone can help me

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Dec 2017
[wtemp, vtemp] = coeffs(Ecollected(i),[qd(2),tetad(2),ebd(2)]);
[~, idx] = ismember(vtemp, [qd(2),tetad(2),ebd(2)]);
w(i, idx) = wtemp;

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