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i have a problem in my code. I get data continous from an instrument. But at times i get a error message stated . what are the ways to overcome this error. I thought of TRY and Catch. Is it possible???

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Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in Battery_check_new (line 107) I_eLOAD(i,:) = str2double(Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit(3));
my code is i AM OPENING THE OBJECT AND GIVING THE SET POINT; THEN IT ENTERS THE LOOP while(exit) i=i+1; tic try fprintf(eLOAD_instr, 'curr %2f',Setpoint); % Setpoint to eLOAD pause(0.1);
%%Get Data from ELR9000
% Setpoint, Current, Voltage, Power
Data_eLOAD_string = query(eLOAD_instr, 'curr?; measure:current?; measure:voltage?; measure:power?');
% Write Data_string in vector of type struct
%Data_eLOAD_string_vec{i} = Data_eLOAD_string;
Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit = strsplit(Data_eLOAD_string, {' ', ';'});
I_set(i,:) = str2double(Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit(1));
I_eLOAD(i,:) = str2double(Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit(3));
U_eLOAD(i,:) = str2double(Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit(5));
P_eLOAD(i,:) = str2double(Data_eLOAD_Stringsplit(7));
How to use Try and catch command to overcome the error??? or any other possibility is there??

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