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Can I use functions from existing .lib-file?

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Tobias Schmocker
Tobias Schmocker on 29 Nov 2017
I try to use functions from a .lib-file to communicate with Neplan (a software to calculate electrical load flows etc.). Now I recieved a zip file from the Neplan company that contains a .lib-file, a .h-file with the same name (NeplanProgrammingLibrary.h) and some other .h-files. I was abe to create a .dll file in Visual Studio but then i dont have a header file to use with >>loadlibrary().
I tried several techniques on R2017b and R2015b(32bit) but wasent able to use the functions defined in the file NeplanProgrammingLibrary.h. I am running Windows(64bit) and the Matlab version is 32bit.
Please let me know if you have any suggestion on how to use this library.
Thank you very much, Tobias


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