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Is there a way to generate vector field animation to look the same as on

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Robert on 20 Nov 2017
Commented: Ruchi on 23 Mar 2020
Have a look at end that animates wind speed and direction instances. Is there a way to generate an animation such as this in MATLAB? If not, any ideas where to start?

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KSSV on 21 Nov 2017
Yes..I realized it can be you have all the data? You need to have bathymetry, topography of the region and wind components. It can be then plotted. YOu need to have a look on pcolor, surf, imagesc, contour and quiver.


Robert on 21 Nov 2017
Yes, I am aware of all the built-in plotting function, what I am after is the animation portion, how do you fade in and out and move along a trajectory of the streamline. That is what I am after. It probably is something along the particle streamline example, except the particles are line segments that fade in at start and fade out at end of path.
KSSV on 29 Dec 2017
You fix a certain time step or a loop....make it visible for certain period and then invisible.
Ruchi on 23 Mar 2020
Hi Robert and KSSV!
I am also trying to get similar animated plot where instead of streamparticles, I want arrows in quiver plot to show the transition. Can anyone please help me with this problem?
My quiver plots are attached here.

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