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matlab R2017 minGW installation issue

Asked by pankaj behera on 8 Nov 2017
Latest activity Commented on by pankaj behera on 8 Nov 2017
hey i have matlab R2017a and i am trying to install MinGW from the add-on menu.but evertime the third party package fails to me get through the problem.and one more thing after installing MinGW whether can i install LIBSVM package in Matlab or not?


Yes, a number of people have installed libsvm for use with MATLAB.
Note, though, that the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox has SVM in it.
but the machine learning tool provided by matlab is limited as far as multiclass problems are concerned.thats why i am trying to patch LIBSVM.if possible you can tell me how can i install it.and install minGW compiler in matlab R2017a

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