How can I use an existing Level-2 C S-Function in embedded application?

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I have a simulink model which incorporates a Level-2 C code S-function. I would like to use Simulink Coder to build the model for an embedded platform (dSpace in this case). Is this possible, and if so, can anyone point me to the relevant documentation? Can I use the existing S-Function for this, or do I need to create something new?
I have tried to do code generation on the model, but I receive an error like: "Unable to acquire handle to MATLAB function 'my_SFunc'". What I really want is for Coder to build my S-Function for the target platform. Is this workflow even possible?

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie am 8 Nov. 2017
Bearbeitet: Nick Sarnie am 8 Nov. 2017
Hi Richard,
Simulink Coder Code Generation using a model with a Level-2 C S-Function is a supported workflow. You should be able to generate code from the model as normal without changing the S-Function, but please note there are some limitations:
If you are facing an error, I would recommend re-creating the S-Function and trying to generate code again.
If you still face an error when trying to generate code, please contact MathWorks Technical Support for further assistance.


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