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How to read depth map with .mat extension as a depth image - Make3D dataset

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Dear Friends, My question is related to Make3D dataset.
Actually, I want to use Make3D Laser+Image dataset (400 original images and 400 align depth map from the outdoor scene).
The depth map is a mat file with 55x305x4 - double structure:
  • Laser Range data with Ray Position.
  • Data Format: Position3DGrid (55x305x4)
  • Position3DGrid(:,:,1) is Vertical axis in meters (Y)
  • Position3DGrid(:,:,2) is Horizontal axis in meters (X)
  • Position3DGrid(:,:,3) is Projective Depths in meters (Z)
  • Position3DGrid(:,:,4) is Depths in meters (d)
The size of original images is not the same as the depth map, original images all in resolution 2272x1704. Could you please let me know how can I read (open) the depth map files like as a depth image that is shown in bellow.
I appreciate your help.

Antworten (2)

Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez am 7 Nov. 2019
You have to acces element 4:
p = load('name_of_the_depth_map.mat');
depth = p.Position3DGrid(:,:,4);
max_depth = 80; %max(max(depth));
depth = imresize(depth/max_depth, [2272,1704]);

鹏 黄
鹏 黄 am 2 Nov. 2020
Run the made3d code to get the wrl 3D model, how can I get the corresponding depth map? Thank you


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