Matlab Compiler Change from 2013a to 2017a

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(MATLAB COMPILER) The version change from 2013a to 2017a results that. the 2013a allows us to create a .exe file which is very simple to operate and is easy to open. However in 2017a it results in creation of complicated installation file which requires user to follow some steps to run that install file. The 2013a created exe file which automatically handles everything. I am currently specially creating .exe files in 2013a as it is easy and good but it issues me some errors because all of my work is in 2017a. Backward compability issue. Can someone help with his.

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Patrick Eschbach
Patrick Eschbach on 1 Aug 2017
Edited: Patrick Eschbach on 1 Aug 2017
Hi Akhilesh,
If your work is written in 2017a it would be best to switch over to creating an executable in 2017a as well.
How are you trying to create an excectuable? I am aware of at least two different ways to do so in 2017a:
  1. Typing 'deploytool' in the command window opens the MATLAB Compiler GUI
  2. It is also possible to create a .prj file from the toolstrip by going to Home->Add Ons->Package App.
I would read about packaging an app from the toolstrip, .prj files and .mlappinstall files here:
and about the 'deploytool' command here:
depending on which route you want to take to create an executable.
Is there anything specific regarding the installation file that you are confused about?
Patrick Eschbach
Patrick Eschbach on 1 Aug 2017
The .mlappinstall file is just one executable file the user has to run that does not require file selection. Also see here:
I'm a bit confused. Could you elaborate on what steps you are taking to create an executable and how it differs from the methods outlined in the above links?

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