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Why isn't strtrim working on my string?

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JFz am 31 Jul. 2017
Kommentiert: JFz am 31 Jul. 2017
I have a simple string, that has many leading spaces: a = ' abcd' I want to remove the white space by using strtrim, but it is not working. I used ['|' a '|'] and then newchr = strtrim(a) but the newchr still has the leading spaces. Why?
The string a is read from excel file which I tried to remove the spaces but also failed.
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Adam am 31 Jul. 2017
What does this mean: 'I used ['|' a '|'] '?
works fine for me applied to the string you post.

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the cyclist
the cyclist am 31 Jul. 2017
Bearbeitet: the cyclist am 31 Jul. 2017
Your whitespace might be "significant", as mentioned in the documentation for strtrim.
For example, if you do
s = [char(160) 'abcd']
then the strtrim command will have no effect.
What do you get for these whitespace characters if you type
where s is your string?
You could use regexprep to get rid of significant whitespace:
s = regexprep(s,char(160),'')
You'll need to take care of not removing those special characters from other places.

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