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Move file to online folder using movefile/copyfile

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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 18 Jul. 2017
Kommentiert: Eric Zhao am 21 Jul. 2017
Hi, Is it possible to use movefile or copyfile function in Matlab to an online folder? Thanks!

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Mukul Rao
Mukul Rao am 21 Jul. 2017
You can consider the MATLAB Drive Connector. Essentially, you would have to download the connector as an add-on. You can then move files with "copyfile" to your local MATLAB Drive. With the connector technology, the files from your local MATLAB Drive will be synced with MATLAB Drive online, allowing you to access files over the web.
Outside the realms of the MATLAB Drive, you could potentially use "copyfile" to move files to a local folder synced with an online drive (Ex: Dropbox), see this File Exchange Submission for that lets you determine the path to your local dropbox folder.
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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 21 Jul. 2017
Thank you! I have the problem solved. The website is actually private network so I just added a network location in My Computer and copy files like that.

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