How to convert matlab code to C code?

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afef on 14 Jul 2017
Commented: afef on 15 Jul 2017
Hi, i used Matlab for preprocessing EEG signal and i extracted some features fromm it by calculating maximum and minimum amplitude,mean and standard deviation . Also i apply for the EEG signal wavelet transform and i extarcted the energy for the details and approximations coefficient.and now i want to convert the matlab code to c code but i dont know how so can anyone please help me how to do this or give me hint ? Thanks

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 14 Jul 2017
See this link about the MATLAB Coder:
afef on 15 Jul 2017
I tried the matlab coder but i failed because when it comes to check issues i got errors like this : wavedec is not supported for code generation detcoef is not supported for code generation
this is my matlab code
for n=1:23
result{n} = filtfilt(d1,deriv);
variance{n} = std(result{n},[], 2);
Maximale{n}= max(result{n},[],2);
Minimale{n} = min(result{n},[],2);
energie{n} = {Ea, Ed};
What should i do please?

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