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RuiQi on 13 Jul 2017
Edited: Gopal New on 30 Nov 2020
How can I update the legend of each plot individually rather than at the end of the code ?
plot(x1, y1, '-vr', 'LineWidth', linewidth, 'MarkerSize', markersize);
legend('Algorithm 1');
plot(x2, y2, '-vr', 'LineWidth', linewidth, 'MarkerSize', markersize);
legend('Algorithm 2');
The code above overwrites the legend for Algorithm 1

Accepted Answer

Adam on 13 Jul 2017
Edited: Adam on 13 Jul 2017
If you are working with a fairly recent version of Matlab (> R2014b I think) then you can edit an existing legend if you keep the handle to it:
figure; hAxes = gca;
plot(hAxes, x1, y1, '-vr', 'LineWidth', linewidth, 'MarkerSize', markersize);
hLegend = legend( hAxes, 'stuff' );
hold( hAxes, 'on' )
plot(hAxes, x2, y2, '-vr', 'LineWidth', linewidth, 'MarkerSize', markersize);
hLegend.String{2} = 'other stuff';
It is more efficient to do all the plots first and then put the legend up for all of them though.
Gopal New
Gopal New on 30 Nov 2020
when i run the above code, i only get one legend. i'm trying to do something similar, but can't make it work. i'm using R2016.

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